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Chidokai Instructors

Soshi Sensei Ed Hudson (8th dan)

Soshi Sensei Ed Hudson (8th dan)

Soshi Sensei Ed Hudson started training in late 1969 under Kyoshi Sensei John Clutterbuck at the North Sydney Police Boys Club. The style taught by Kyoshi Clutterbuck was Chidokan which is a shotokan based style with direct lineage to Gichin Funakoshi through Isao Obata.

In 1972 Soshi sensei Hudson attended university and immediately established the first university karate club. In the same year he won the first tournament held by the newly formed Federation of Australian Karate Do Organisation (FAKO) now known as AKF, held at the Glebe Police Boys Club in Sydney.

In 1976, Soshi Hudson returned to Sydney after completing his studies and continued training at the hombu dojo. Soshi sensei Hudson continued with his tournament career representing Chidokan until retiring in 1988. During this period he won a number of kumite and kata competitions and was a NSW state and National karate team member.

In 1989 Soshi sensei Hudson moved to Cairns QLD where he established the first Chidokan dojo in Queensland. In 2000 Soshi sensei Hudson moved to Brisbane were he now trains, teaches and administers the Australian Chidokai Karate-do Association.

Renshi Sensei Lester McCormick (6th Dan) – Manilla NSW dojo

Renshi Sensei Lester McCormick (6th Dan)

Renshi McCormick started attending Soshi sensei Hudson’s classes at university in 1974 while he was attending the Wagga Wagga Agricultural College. In 1976 Renshi sensei McCormick establish a Chidokan dojo in Condobolin in NSW after being posted there after graduation. He was reposted to Manilla in NSW in 1983 were he is still the dojo instructor.

Renshi sensei McCormick received his 6th dan (Renshi) in May 2013

Shihan George Spiros (5th Dan)

Shihan George Spiros

Began training at the hombu dojo in 1973. In 1982 Sensei Spiros opened a Chidokan dojo in Randwick at the South Sydney Police Boys Club where he remained until closing the dojo down in 2003 due to ill health.

Sensei Terry Alexander (3rd Dan)

Sensei Terry Alexander

Sensei Alexander started training with Chidokan in approx 1982 at the honbu dojo in North Sydney. In 1986 he opened the Penrith dojo, in Western Sydney. In 2003 Sensei Alexander joined Sensei Podda at the Chidokai dojo in Sydney where he trained and assisted in teaching.

Sensei Podda (3rd Dan)

Sensei Efisio Podda

Sensei Efisio Podda began training at the Sydney hombu dojo in 1987. Sensei Podda was one of a number of Uchi Dechis at the Chidokan hombu dojo.

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