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Chidokai Grading System

The Australian Chidokai Karate-do Association is in an enviable position in that Dr Ed Hudson, as chief instructor of Chidokan Karate-do (Aust), was granted the authority by Hanshi Sasaki in 1983, the right to grade Chidokan students up to 10th dan. This privilege is unique and unequal in the world of karate. Most large karate organizations maintain strict control over their grading systems by requiring dan grades to be granted in Japan at enormous expense.

At the time when Hanshi Sasaki gave this authority he stated that Australia was the first country within the global Chidokan network that had been granted such a privilege.

All dan grades are assessed and granted in Australia by the Chidokai grading panel. The Chidokai dan grading system is based on the Dai Nippon Butokyukai system with special emphasis on the ability to demonstrate effective self defence applications associated with Shotokan kata (Chidokan).

Upon receipt of their dan grade Chidokai students can request that their dan grades be recognized by the ATKF. This is achieved by paying the ATKF prescribed fee for the dan grade and presentation of their grade with a recommendation/application from Chidokai’s chief instructor.

The Chidokai grading panel evaluates student dan grades on the basis of performance up to 4th dan. Dan grades for 5th to 10th dan are awarded on a student’s personal contribution, research, knowledge of other martial arts, publications, and or related contributions that add to the current karate do knowledge. This is usually exhibited through the completion of a research paper accompanied by practical demonstration of real-life application of Shotokan kata.

All kyu grades are awarded by the responsible dojo instructor. Dan grades are awarded by Chidokai’s dan grading panel. The dan grading panel consists of the responsible dojo instructor as well as permanent members who must have the designation of Shihan or higher. The minimum requirement for the panel to evaluate dan grades is for Chidokai’s chief instructor plus a Shihan graded instructor whose combine dan grades must be no less than eight.

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